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Jun 21, 2012 And let's not forget variations on the h-index: the m-index, the g-index, and, if you want to take entropy into account, the s-index. Anecdotally I've 

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Oct 7, 2016 (2011) evaluated the relationship of four citation-based metrics, h-index, m-index, m-quotient and q2-index, with peer judgment for six fields.

for scientific assessment. Keywords: scientific publications, scientific validity, H- index Jokic M. H-index as a new scientometric indicator. Biochemia Medica.

Партнери MCA. Miele Партнер - торгова компанія, яка отримала сертифікат, що підтверджує відповідність високим стандартам обслуговування Miele.

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Nov 7, 2020 The h-index is an important metric when applying for an academic position research time to arrive at what is known as Hirsch's individual m.

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The indices that are most-frequently used are the H-index (an author has a h- index of 'h' when they have h papers that have been cited h times at least). The G -  Sep 25, 2020 m-index is another variant of the h-index that displays h-index per year since first publication. The h-index tends to increase with career length,  The m-index is defined as h/n, where n is the number of years since the first published paper of the scientist; also called m-quotient. There are a number of models